As any craftsperson will tell you, most of your time is not actually spent making, but preparing to make. Last year I was given several huge cones of beautiful vintage rug wool, and I've finally got round to processing it and preparing it for the loom.

It's 100% natural and undyed sheep's wool, but over time it has become dusty and rather greasy. At first I tried washing it in a bucket with laundry detergent, but I found that made it dry and brittle. With a bit of online research, I came across a very popular tip- stuff your skeins of wool into nylon tights and chuck them in the washing machine. Sound weird? It is!
But last week I gave it a go.

To be honest I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I'm pleased to say it really works! The wool has stayed pliable and soft, but now feels clean and smells lovely. And this week I'm going to start weaving with it.

posted 30th August 2016

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