Since my last post, I’ve had craft fairs and shop updates and a great deal of weaving to do. I’ve even managed to squeeze in a bit of restoration work on my floor loom, using natural remedies to clean the rusted parts.

One project in particular has taken up a lot of space in my schedule and my heart- Bezalel Workshops.

A little back story: Bezalel was set up in 2011 by my friends Dom & Becky Callaghan and Will Stokes. It is an arts organisation which aims to support artists, musicians and creatives. This summer, I came on board to help out with our new project,
Bezalel Workshops.

The inspiration for this came from a drawing workshop hosted by At The Table, another amazing project which has grown out of Bezalel. The workshop was led by Dom and our dear friend Lucy Panes, and it was a huge success. Everyone who heard about it wanted to know when the next one was. But although Dom and Lucy loved teaching, they did not have the time or resources to set up a regular class. That is where Becky and I decided to step in.

Bezalel Workshops is essentially a programme which supports artists and makers in sharing their skills with others, and (this is important) makes sure they are paid properly for their time.

In order to secure funding for this project we are planning to launch a Kickstarter. The original launch date was set as November 20th i.e. yesterday. But last Wednesday we sat down for a serious discussion about where we were headed. We realised that we want to take time to do this properly, rather than rushing it out because we’ve set ourselves an arbitrary deadline. We decided that one of our most central values will always, always be:
People Are More Important Than Deadlines.

So we’ve pushed the Kickstarter launch date back until January, and it feels like the right decision completely. The response to our project so far has been fantastic. Already we have so many people wanting to get involved. But it’s too easy at this stage to get carried away and feel pressured to produce something NOW, because we think people expect it.

We hope that when we launch in January, the extra care and time that we’ve invested in this will come shining through. The workshops, and Bezalel itself, is something we are all so passionate about and so excited to get out into the world, but we’re learning to be patient. Doing our best takes time.

To find out more about Bezalel visit . You can also follow Bezalel Workshops on Instagram and Twitter

Photos by Corina Esquivel / Deborah Grace Panes

posted on 22nd November 2015

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